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Alpha Supps Thermo


6 Customer Reviews

  • Clean Energy*
  • Suppress Appetite*
  • Increase Thermogenesis*
  • Metabolic Enhancer*



Paradoxine® is a non-stimulant mild herbal weight loss ingredient that can trigger thermogenesis and decrease body fat.*


When ProGBB is included in health supplement formulations it shows a significant increase in L-carnitine supply, thus providing more potent health results. L-carnitine is supposed to be an effective ingredient for supplements aiding in increased energy levels and faster weight loss.*


Noopept provides a mild cognitive boost and a general neuroprotective effect after supplementation.*

Green Tea Extract

Extremely high in antioxidants, green tea extract shows to have a plethora of health benefits. It is also shown to help aid in weight loss and improve exercise and recovery.*

Caffeine Anhydrous

Enhances focus, boosts aerobic capacity, and promotes fat-burning!*





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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

6 reviews for Alpha Supps Thermo

  1. Jack S

    PHENOMENAL BUZZ – no crash

    Over the years I’ve been searching for a hard hitting Thermo that could replace my desire to drink 2 pots of coffee. I love this stuff, there’s never a crash. #worthit

  2. Dave B

    Adventure Ready!

    When I go hiking or out with friends, just take one of these and i’m good to go. good by energy drinks, hello THERMO.

  3. Alicia Marie

    Appetite Suppressant

    When it comes to my diet I’m really strict but those cravings kill me especially during my downtime at work. Thermo helps get me through the day and then some. right now I’m down 6 inches in 3 months and I’m hardly hitting the gym.

  4. Steven


    This Thermo is the real deal. I have tried many different fat burners before but this one really took the cake. I had to start out with 1 per day and work my way up to 2 per day. If you are looking for a strong fat burner then give this a try.

  5. John Savage

    This stuff seriously works! AS Thermo has improved my work week. I struggled with getting started in the morning, and staying focused while at work. This product gives me the energy I need. I’m more alert during the day and not eating a million snacks.

  6. Mark V.

    At first I was hesitant to purchase due to it being one of the first dieting supplements I have taken so here is my take from it. I was 165 pounds of “Skinny Fat” mostly around the stomach area. After first starting supplementation my urge to start snacking around my normal times dissipated. I went from eating large portions to smaller/ average portions and best of all I no longer snack at night.
    After almost a 1 month result I went from 165 to 154 pounds with a flatter stomach and about 2 inches from the waist.
    Overall, I am very happy with the results to help re-stabilize a healthy diet.

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